Plugmatter Coupon

GETS you 20% OFF your purchase from Plugmatter

Premium WordPress plugins vary as to how valuable they actually serve the WordPress community. After all, WordPress is opensource and anyone who has a computer and some development experience can piece together a flimsy plugin and try to sell it online.

You’ll often notice that some plugin companies sell huge collections of plugins, making you wonder how much time they spent on development, and if they truly maintain the plugins with all the other products they produce.

Then you have Plugmatter, a brand hell-bent on perfecting its plugins, and keeping a rather small library of solutions for you to market your prices, build your email lists, and even import your documents.

It’s one of the more reputable plugin companies out there, so we would recommend you checking them out if you have any need for the following plugins:

  • Pricing Table Plugin
  • Optin Feature Box
  • Document Importer

Since WPTag has partnered up with the folks at Plugmatter, you reap the benefits with a coupon that GETS you 20% OFF your purchase from Plugmatter. Simply punch in the WPTAG20OFF code when checking out, and the shopping cart automatically takes out that portion of the price.