VelocityPage Coupon

GET and receive 30% OFF your entire order.

Drag and drop page builders sound so awesome in theory, but quite often you’ll find that they are disappointing at best. In fact, you could argue that out of the hundreds of drag and drop WordPress page builders out there, only four or five of them are worth looking into.

Well, VelocityPage happens to be one of those worthwhile solutions, since it’s jam packed with features that not only make it easier for you to build your site, but those features actually work.

What’s great is that WPKube has partnered with the folks at VelocityPage to bring you some savings.

Go to the VelocityPage website and select the pricing plan you’d like to go with for your plugin. During the checkout, type in the wpTag30coupon code to GET and receive 30% OFF your entire order.

That’s it! Since it’s a onetime payment you don’t have to worry about monthly or yearly fees.